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Christmas 1994

Dear Friends,

I would like to send you a very personal Christmas greeting this year. I wish you the grace and joy which comes from the conviction, that God became man especially also for you, to lead you to salvation. May God's protection and help be with you all through the New Year 1995, too.

When I interrupted writing this letter two hours ago, I wasn't quite sure what interesting news I should report on, but in the last two hours I had a very special "Christmas-Experience": Our Catechist's wife in Whebede is pregnant and due to give birth in a few days time. She sent me a message that some of the kraals in their vicinity were burnt down last night and today and that she was very afraid of what might happen tonight. She wouldn't know where to find refuge with her children, that they might not become the next victims of the violence in our area, like a child from another family this afternoon. When I fetched her and her children and returned to the priest's house in Mangete as a place of safety, with my car packed with the bare necessities and the frightened family, I remembered the Holy Family, when Joseph was looking for a shelter for the very pregnant Mary. The fact that this family of eight people is very content with the four beds in the priest's house resembles Bethlehem, which surely wasn't more comfortable.

The fact, that the Prince of Peace was born on Christmas Day, hasn't had much effect on our people here. That's why I ask for your prayers, that Christ, the source of peace may come into our little world and make Christmas happen in us, too.

Yours sincerely

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Father Gérard

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